OAS-S (Optical Alarm System for Smoke detection in MRI)

Complete with OAS Control Unit and accessories


The OAS-S is simple to install, with almost no maintenance required and easily integrable with other types of MRI alarms, thanks to its OAS Control Unit. The features of this smoke detector allow its mounting directly on the tomograph, so to highly reduce the smoke sampling time. This means that the fire system can trigger more quickly than the standard systems, in order to avoid issues for patients and MRI.


The use of MRI batteries, means no need for a filter on the power supply.

Fiber Optic

Unidirectional fiber optic connection means no artifacts on the MRI result.

Non Magnetic

Low presence of ferromagnetic materials, so that to allow the mounting of the OAS-S directly on the toroid.

Reaction time

The electronics and the consequent position of the sensor enables the frequent sampling of the smoke detection

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