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  • The probe won't start. By pressing the power button the LED flashes once and then it stays off

    Hold down the power button for 5 seconds

  • I installed EHP 50 TS rel 1.32 software. When I try to start it on the main screen appears the message "EHP50 does not respond" (the probe is connected via optical fiber to 8053-OC optical converter to the comm=1 door of the PC correctly set by the properties in connection. The probe works properly when connected to the instrument( this excludes cable problems)

    Upgrade the firmware by doing the following:

    1) Connect the EHP50C probe to the PC without turning it on.
    2) In the folder where you installed the software (default path: "C: \ Programs \ NardaSafety \ EHP-TS \ TS-EHP50 \")there is the WIN32UP executable file, launch it and:
    a) if you are using the RS232 - optical "OC 8053" adapter, select the RS232 after being sure that the number of the button to the right indicates the correct COM door on which it intends to establish a connection
    b) select USB if you're using the USB-OPTICAL "USB-OC " adapter.
    3) Turn on the EHP50C probe and wait until the program updates the firmware
    4) After this operation turn on and off EHP50C probe and try again to make the connection

    The steps described above are described in Chapter 7 of the Manual

  • We ask some explanation concerning the measurement of electric and magnetic field, mains frequency of 50 Hz
    (Instrument: PMM8053A Probe: EHP-50C)
    These measurements have to be made within the following locations :
    MT/BT electrical substations;
    Production lines (bottled).
    For these measurements we are basing on of CEI 211-6 regulation, of TNE guide line regarding the protection from electromagnetic fields and of the 257/07 legislative decree.

    However some concerns remain:
    1. Methodology for the evaluation of measurement uncertainties related to electric and magnetic field;
    2. Methodology for the evaluation of distances to be observed in the implementation of the measures
    3. Exposure limitis to be observed in evaluating the results.

    your three questions are difficult to be answered briefly because responses are structured, long and deserve a careful technical discussion. However we will try:
    1) Explain the methodology for the evaluation of measurement uncertainties of the calculation of electric and magnetic field is complex. Our training division can offer a specific 2 days long course about this.
    If you need numerical values for the EHP50C probe measurement uncertainty you can find them on the calibration certificate.
    2) Methodology for evaluating the distance.
    It’s important to use EHP50C probe mounted on the 50 cm long telescopic stand.
    Refer to the 8053B operating instructions as specified on page 8-8
    3) exposure limits to be observed while evaluating the results:
    For measurements on occupationally exposed workers (the workplace) relate to the ICNIRP tables of the "2004/40 Directive"
    For measurements on the population (environmental) DPCM July 8, 2003

  • I installed the new software to connect the EHP50 C probe to the PC, by first closing all the SW, as recommended.
    The probe is connected with an adapter to the USB-COMM3 door.
    The old software EHP 50 C UTILITY sees it, while the new doesn’t (cannot find EHP 50 C on the USB bus). Found).
    What should I do?

    try to force the destination of the application, that is: Right click on the icon EHP50C of the Narda Probe program PROPERTIES - write at the end of the target line COMM = 3 and then click Apply.

  • I wanted to know EHP50 methodology of data acquisition with its flashing LED (green-red) not connected to the computer and how to upload them on the computer

    after connecting the fiber optic bridge on the probe, as the led is turned on it will be colored alternately red and green for about 1 minute, then the color of the flash will change into orange (this means that the probe began its measurement). Every 30 or 60 seconds (depending on the storage time set in the very first programming), the LED turns green (it indicates the storage of the measured value).

  • What does "wideband mode measurement" mean?

    The wideband is the quadratic sum of all the frequencies present in the measuring SPAN

  • I downloaded the new software package for the EHP50C probe I downloaded both 1.25 and 1.31 version The problem is that both the first and the second version after installation of the software during the start-up I get the error message: "file FTD2XX.DLL missing." I control the probe with the RS232. The same thing comes up on other computers with other operating systems. If I use the old software that does not happen. Can you help me?

    The missing file can be applied to our technical support to the following email address assistenza@gruppompb.com The next file will be copied to the USB-WIN-XP folder created When you installed the software. This folder is located under "My Computer" - C drive programs - NardaSafety. EHP-TS

  • I can't connect with the probe, I get the message "cannot find EHP 50 ob the bus USB". I understand that the USB connection is missing, but the link fiber +optical drive/rs232 should be guaranteed

    If you use the connection with the optical driver/RS232 is necessary to place the mouse pointer (without clicking) on the EHP50-TS program icon and with the right mouse button click on "properties". At the end of the string field "destination " you have to write COMM = 1 in capital letters

  • I have some problems in turning the devices on, I can do that only by connecting them to the charger

    To turn on all the 50X-type EHP, EHP-200, OR-02, OR-03 probes you have to be confident and impulsive.. To turn them off exactly the opposite or hold the button for 5 seconds and then release it. This is motivated by the fact that the circuit breaker mounted on these devices is capacitive.

  • What is the procedure to install a new version of firmware?

    1)the probe must be loaded
    2) the probe must be connected through the fiber to the usb port.
    3) go to control panel - card system hardware device manager - you can see the doors with the words "usb serial port (comxx)"
    4) set the com port shown with a number lower than 6. to do this you must click on the right button of the mouse on the words - properties - port setting - advanced. and select com1 or down, 2,3,4,5.
    do not worry if your pc gives you the message that the port is already in use because usb ports are all fictional and can be renumbered at any time. at this point turn off the probe, turn off the upgrade and launch the icon software. The loading of the new version starts automatically.

  • What is the measurement procedure for standalone acquisitions?

    1) Connect the EHP-50C probe to the PC via fiber optic and optical drive/USB
    2) Launch the EHP TS software - EHP 50C Standalone
    3) Turn the probe on
    4) Synchronize the clock of the probe with the one of the PC
    5) Set on the software the parameters that you need to program on the sensor (Full scale, electric or magnetic field, SPAN, 30 or 60 sec. Logger
    6) Transmit the parameters to the probe by clicking on "set logger"
    7) Turn the probe off
    8) Remove the fiber optic from the probe
    9) Insert the short circuit bridge on the EHP-50C probe
    10) turn on the probe
    11) wait for the flashing red / green stops until the normal logger functionality(short intermittent orange LED, LED turns green when the signal is stored)
    12) At the end of the measurement turn the probe off (hold for 5 sec)
    13) Remove the bridge
    14) Connect the fiber optic to PC
    15)launch EHP-50C "STAND-ALONE" software
    16) Turn on the probe
    17) Download data by clicking on download