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MPB srl is committed to protect the privacy of its costumers. For more informations, please see our cookie policy.

The personal or business data, freely entered in this site's forms, are stored in our database and used only to provide a better service to the costumers. This data are not sold or shared for any reason to third parties.
Once inserted data and selected services, the registration service allows to receive promotional information regarding only the chosen fields. At any time you can send an email to MPB to remove your data and not receive again email from our newsletter.

When you send us an email for a quote we save your data in our database in order to inform the costumer about similar products. If you don't want to receive information from MPB you can contact our service manager.

Buying a product from MPB srl implies the storage of email adresses and personal data in our database in order to track the purchasing history of the customer. In this case you cannot delete the data from our database but if you want it's possible to avoid receiving promotional emails.

MPB will provide assistance, maintenance and other services on the purchased equipment.

All photos and texts on this site are MPB's property, its use and reproduction is strictly forbidden without our authorization.